Wall regulator clock ETALON with year run, No. 2/12

Exclusive limited series of the czech precise pendulum clock.

Regulator No. 2/12 , limited series of 12 pieces.

Country of origin: Czech Republic

Year: 2016

Case: cherry-tree, veneer, French polish, shaped glass

Dial: enamel, hand painted Roman numerals I to XII, dial-second, moon phase, checking stretching for 12 months, signed and numbered, brass frame

The clock machines are made of special brass watchmaker and is composed of 185 components, 200 screws and 20 pins. All shafts machines are stored in rubies set into screwed chatons. The shafts are hardened, cut and polished around the perimeter. Wheels and small parts are gold plating. Some parts of the machine are nickeled and large parts are painted.

Machine functions: 365-day run, displays hours, minutes, seconds and moon phase, winding machines

Weights: iron, 15 kg, placed in the back watch cases

Pendulum: steel and aluminum alloy, weight 6,8 kg, performing classical lenses, grate compensation, on the principle of using a combination of metals with different expansion

Overall dimensions: 152 x 40 x 32 cm

Status: functional