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We specialize in producing limited editions of the mechanical clocks. Our clocks are made of highest quality materials with the precise machining. We devote a great deal of care to each clock we make, and each clock is a unique original. When designing our clocks, we place great emphasis on clocks that will require a minimal amount of maintenance. We believe that our clocks will be a beautiful addition to any room.

The basic model for our clocks are precision clocks from 19th and 20th century. Unlike these machines, our machines have extended the length of running time to a onemonth which gives greater comfort during maintenance. Another significant change is inverted Graham deadbeat escapement, which is visibly located under the dial. Concept is similar to Strasser and Rhode. Movements are made of special watchmaker‘s brass. All gear wheel arbors are put in jewel bearings mounted in chatons which are screw-mounted to the base plate. Shafts are hardened, all the way around lapped with polished teeth. All parts are polished by hand. Wheels and small parts are galvanically gilded. Some parts are nickel plated and large parts are lacquered. Dials are hand painted on enamel surface. The clock on the dial shows the current phase of the moon. The clock is equipped with a ball bearing rope pulley for the winding weight. Weight of the pendulum is made as conventional lens, which is made from solid brass castings. Another option is pendulum weight in form of two cylinders which is design similar to the Strasse and Rodhe. The pendulum rod is made of special Invar alloy. Weight of the movement with console (without pendulum and weights) is 8 kg. Weight of the pendulum is 6.7 kg. Weight of the weight is 6 kg. Number of parts that make up the clockwork is 183 components, 175 screws, 22 pegs, a total of 360 parts. Clock cases are made of solid wood. Each clock case is unique in its design and type of wood used.

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The unique charm of the mechanical clock has always fascinated generations of people. While the technology of timekeeping is developing in different way, interest in mechanical clocks is not declining. On the contrary, new models are still developed, which find their use primarily in exclusive interiors or luxury offices.